All photos - ©Vila Videira

Villa Algarve

Welcome to the Algarve!

The Algarve is one of the most exciting, charming and relaxing places in Europe. Whatever you may be looking for, you are most likely to find it here! It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe, and thankfully, they have managed to maintain their charm and it is still quite easy to find places and beaches with no mass tourism.


It is also the sunniest region in Europe and rainy days are rare. In the summer we dare to give a almost 100% guaranty of sunny weather! Thanks to the location at the Atlantic Ocean, a pleasant and cooling ocean breeze makes summer-heat bearable.


The summer season starts around Easter and lasts until October. But the winter is also mild and sunny and ideally suited for golf. Algarve is a gem for golf enthusiasts, there are over 30 top modern courts and more are being built. Cyclists have also discovered the Algarve, and the mild winter is well suited for the two-wheel lovers.


With over 200 kilometers of coastline Algarve is a paradise for water lovers. Crystal clear water, stunning cliffs and endless beaches with golden sand. One third of all beaches have been awarded with the "Blue Flag", a voluntary Eco-label for sustainable development of beaches and marinas through strict criteria dealing with Water Quality, Environmental Education and Information, Environmental Management, and Safety. And several of the beaches are on the Top 10 list over the most stunning beaches of the world. So whether you choose one of the small, secluded beaches between cliffs or want that long with golden sand, you can be sure to find a place for yourself!


Culinary the Algarve has also much to offer. Seafood of all kinds, fish, shellfish, clams, and if you combine all of these you get the local specialty Cataplana, a traditional stew being cooked and served in a copper dish. A wonderful tasting experience that simply must be experienced!

Of course, you also have to try bacalhau. There are countless varieties, each family has its own "secret recipe" and it is said that there are 365 recipes, one for each day of the year...


For "non-fish-eaters" we recommend Frango Piri-Piri. Chicken marinated in wine and chili and grilled over charcoal, very good, very hot!


All this can be found in the surrounding restaurants and within walking distance from Vila Videira. No car needed and you can enjoy the excellent local wines and walk back home! Portugal has a long tradition in viniculture, and besides their most famous wine, the port, they also produce excellent red wines of the highest quality. But also the white wine is good; fresh, balanced and with lots of taste.

Not to mention the rosé wine, in a dew glass whilst overlooking the Atlantic ...


Vila Videira is the perfect location to explore this heaven on earth.

The beach is waiting for new footsteps...


All photos - ©Vila Videira